Blue Raspberry Lip Balm
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Blue Raspberry Lip Balm

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Nutrient-rich luxury oils are blended in small batches and hand poured to produce this luscious lip treat that is buttery and super smooth. There is absolutely no waxy drag or sticky feeling.  Lip Balms are full of moisturizing skin softening goodness that will condition your lips while providing a gorgeous, subtle shine.

Have you ever wondered why your lips sometimes feel dry after using "regular" waxy lip balm that you bought .It's because most of these lip balms contain alcohol and artificial sweeteners which after use will dry out your lips-not really the outcome you were looking for. Our  lip balms contain no petroleum products, chemicals, mineral oil, alcohol or artificial sweeteners. We think what we put on our lips and what you put on your lips is important.

Ingredients :bees wax ,coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, natural flavour oil, lip safe mica