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Coconut Lime Pro-vitamin B with Jajoba Oil Conditioner Bar

Coconut Lime Pro-vitamin B with Jajoba Oil Conditioner Bar

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Scented with beautiful Coconut Lime with added Pro-vitamin B and Jajoba Oil Conditioner Bar  making this a nicely concentrated conditioning bar for hair.

This is a must have for anyone with Normal to dry hair. It is very nourishing for the hair without leaving a greasy feeling.

Below are benefits of a conditioning bar instead of liquid conditioner.

• Less wasteful. No water used to make this product and no special packaging.
• Easy to use by gliding on your wet hair or applying with wet hands
• No more leaking bottles in the shower or while traveling
• Long lasting and cost effective. This small bar will last a long time due to it is super concentrated.

The Shea Butter added coats each strand of hair sealing and protecting calming down frizzies and flyaways. Argan Oil was added to produce a beautiful healthy shine. Hair feels and looks clean and conditioned. Apply conditioning bar to hair after using and rinsing your normal shampoo. It is recommended to start with conditioning bottom half of hair testing for desired results. This product has been tested on friends and family with only good results. Many likes and loves!

Your conditioning bar requires a little special care. Store bar in a nice dry place after each use. Extremely high temperatures (like inside the car in summertime) may cause your bar to lose its shape or melt. These bars were designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand so each bar regardless of shape weighs not less than 2.5 ounces. This product is made to order with a shelf life of one year.