About Us


We began our journey in soap making and body products a number of years ago There seemed to be a number of people that were having reactions to store brand bath and body products , including us and that began our research for better products when we came across handcrafted products , We started off with the basics and experimenting with different recipes and having friends -family try our products and fell in love with the creativity of a natural option , we soon had people asking us for more and requesting bars of soap ,and that's where we made the choice to start our small business.

Being able to provide people with a better option was our goal every product is handcrafted in small batches with quality ingredients with the love of your skin in mind 

  Smaller Batches Is Better Quality

Here, at Body Haven , we handcraft products that feel, look and smell amazing. All of our products are handcrafted, hand-poured and hand-pressed in small batches from our Soap studio  providing an experience that’s uniquely special for every customer. Creating small batches allows us to have the most control over our ingredients making sure we create the best in each product 

Wonderful treat for your skin ,eyes and nose

Here at Body Haven our focus is to bring our customers a product they can fall in love with . No two soaps or bath bombs are exactly the same. Our products aren’t just pretty: they’re formulated with skin-loving ingredients that work to retain your skin’s natural oils once you step out of your tub.

Making Soap the old-fashioned way

 We make our soaps using the cold-process method to bring you a creamy feel with luxurious lather with out synthetic ingredients giving you exceptional quality 

Body Haven  handcrafts wonderful body butters, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms with the same high standard as our soaps. Every product is formulated to provide the same luxurious experience.

Once you go handmade, you never go back: let us take care of you .

We are proudly: