About Us

Almost two years ago I began my journey in soap making and body products. It started out with two of the sweetest little angels my granddaughters Ember and Hailey both of these sweet girls had so many skin reactions to store bought product especially Hailey with even baby products being and issues, and so my quest to make soap with natural ingredients began something that they could use and not get red irritated skin or hives. After lots of research and trial batches I reached my goal the girls now have a large array of products they can use and be kids that love bath time form soaps to bath bombs to body butters and Chap Stick

My neighbourhood, work place and family have been my testers of all products and everyone loves them so much that I have decided to start a company with products that are healthy and full of good for our skin. My two biggest passions in life are to be creative and to make others happy and this is a perfect fit

I have always been a very creative kind of person and  for years I have made creative cakes and wood working creations . This is another way of seeing this creativity with so many endless options